Aukeratu Page

9. Mantentze motorra.
Based on the motor instruction manual for maintenance.

8. transmisio-uhala.
To adjust the degree of tightness every 2000 hours, every 4000 hours to check on the wear and tear, according to wear and tear decide whether to replace.

7, segurtasun balbula.
Every 4000 hours to check if the action is sensitive.

6. Presio balbula.
Garbitu 4000 orduz behin, eta egiaztatu irekitze-presioa erregularra den.

because for oil-air compressors, the oil-drinking water separator function: separates the essential oil from the wetness in the surroundings and for that reason accumulates over a long period of period and can affect the filtration effectiveness without the need to displace or clean the oil-water separator

5, ikatz eta petrolio bereizlea.
Every 4000 hours have to replaced a new piece.

Otherwise the oil will make a influence of the cutting effect

4.olio iragazkia.
2000 orduro pieza berria lekuz aldatzeko.

Every 1000 hours want check oil content nonetheless it want to replace the new oil after 4000 hours