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Our hollow shaft gearbox permits you to directly ability a machine shaft with a clamping establish. We employ tried-and-tested high-precision spiral gearing, which facilitates the right-angled tranny of torque and speed.
The machine shaft is inserted directly into the gearbox’s hollow shaft and linked with a installation set. This is an extremely easy way to accomplish a force-fit connection – without additional aids such as an intermediate flange or coupling. This Ever-Vitality gearbox could be screwed immediately onto the machine by using the through holes in the outcome flange.
Alternatively, you can pick the proper angle gearbox because a two-sided hollow shaft. This enables you to way lines currently leading out from the equipment shaft through the gearbox. In this way you can increase your flexibility and employ the flexibility of the servo gearboxes with hollow shaft made available from the machine design. You can perform even higher ratios with a blend of the planetary gearbox and the right-position gearbox with hollow shaft.
Because of its right-angled design, it also permits you to optimize your utilization of a limited assembly space with a space-saving drive element. For even more flexibility, they come with life time lubrication and their style allows them to always be installed and used in any mounting position. This gives you complete flexibility in the positioning of your travel and the design of the installation space.
The input flange is individually adapted to the electric motor. The compact unit and servomotor boosts your flexibility.
Ever-Power Excessive Torque cycloidal velocity reducers provide same high precision as the standard series with a few advantages. An advanced cam follower style and included cam shaft offers bigger torque ratings (20-25%) and a huge hollow shaft for moving wires.
Murrizlearen ezaugarriak honako hauek dira:
3 Marko Neurri
10 25: 1-225: 1 arteko erlazio estandarrak
Erredukzioko kamera konposatua
Pancake diseinu trinkoa
Orratz bidezko kam jarraitzaileak
TRUE Zero Erreakzioa
Edukiera integrala duen irteera
Bizitzarako koipeztatua
Diametro handiko ardatz hutsa
These units cover the range from 310 to 55000 daNm.
They are really efficient in commercial applications characterised by vibrations and continuous motion inversions.
In output, they include a hollow shaft sized for just about any type of shrink-disc, and a torque arm suitable for any application.
Produktuaren Deskribapena
Gure enpresa HOLLOW SHAFT PLANETARY Equipment BOX hornitzaile nabarmena da
Ezaugarriak :
Murrizketa-ratioa - 3: 1etik 50000: 1era
Rated Torque : 0.5 Kg-m to 145000 Kg-m
Input Electrical power 0.25 HP to 100 HP
Insight Speed – 1440 RPM, 960 RPM, 720 RPM
Prime Mover – Electric Electric motor,
Input Type – Free Input, Hollow Input
Irteera mota - hutsa
Monobloke etxebizitza diseinua,
Wide ratio, torque selection and several stages can be in same housing
Reduction can be increased up to 6 stages,
IEC B5 edo B14 motorreko brida estandarrak,
Balazta elektromagnetikoen aukera,
Bizitza luzeko errodamenduak,
GG20 eta GGG40 burdinurtuzko karkasak,
58-62 HRc engranaje gogortuak eta xehatuak.
Ever-Power D-Series is compact and easy to mount. Flange-, feet- and hollow shaft-mounted variants, or combinations of these mounting options can be found. These gearboxes are of a modular design and style. Result shaft and flange can be mounted to common hollow-shaft gearboxes without modification of the gearbox. The housing has mounting details on both sides, permitting mounting from either part. The hollow-shaft gearboxes possess new mounting options as well for the input side. Input possibilities are regular (IEC B5 or B14), direct coupled or with sound input shaft. A combination with different gearbox types can be done with minimum transform. In applications where efficiency and strength are important, hollow-shaft gearboxes are desired to worm gearboxes. Hollow-shaft gearboxes can hold up against larger overhung loads than other gearbox types.
DN Series – Helical geared units with IEC B5/B14 motor flange, no motor
DV seriea - Engranaje helikoidedun motorrak IEC B5/B14 motor bridarekin, motorra barne
DR seriea - Engranaje helikoidaleko motorrak, zuzenean akoplatuta, motorra barne
DT Series – Helical geared systems with solid input shaft
Irteerako brida eta irteerako ardatzaren aukerak
Servomotor specific connection flanges
Balazta elektromagnetikoen motorrak (24V / 220V / 380V)
Backstop aplikazioa, 500-1024 pultsu kodetzaile aplikazioak
Maiztasun inbertsoreen aplikazioetarako kanpoko haizagailua hozteko aukera
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Our company has recently completed a major project on wind turbines. We provide our customers with major gearboxes and generators. This prompted our customers’ jobs to be completed easily. The customer response is very good.
Ardatz hutsaren planeten engranaje kaxa Ratio up to i=2900 Torque from 770 Nm up to 135.000 Nm Output: Hollow shaft for scrink disc or spline, shaft with key or with spline. We make the High Precision Hollow shaft planetary gearbox or with a Substantial Precision Spiral Bevel acceleration increaser gearbox in Hollow Shaft velocity increaser gearbox. Input shaft diameter‎: ‎From12 to 34mm dependi and Hollow shaft planetary gearbox size‎: ‎17 gearbox sizes available, Productivity shaft diameter‎: ‎From 11to 75mm even more kinds. The Ever-Electric power Harmonic Hollow shaft planetary gearbox offers High-Torque and High-Reliability with a Hollow Shaft style. The gearhead incorporates constant backlash, Flange-, feet- and hollow shaft-mounted variants, or combinations of these mounting options are available. These gearboxes are of a modular design. Its transmission components such as couplings (hollow shaft gearhead). Oriental are all processing with a strong ensure that you The torque applied to each equipment in the planetary equipment device is shown. For huge torques at imply speeds: Our Hollow shaft planetary gearbox of the P series, Whether hollow shaft or sturdy shaft, with an integral, smooth or spline in respect to DIN standard.
Produktuaren Deskribapena
Datu teknikoak:
1. Ratio-barrutia: 3.15-3000
2. Sarrerako potentzia: 0.25-55KW
3. Baimenaren momentua jo da: ≤ 200000N. M
4. Irteerako abiadura: 0.425-445 r / min
5. Egitura modua: brida, oinak edo ardatza muntatzeko soluzioak izateko aukera