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DK Conveyor Chains Normal Conveyor Chain

R arrabolen zirkuitu kateak plaken zabalera baino kanpoko diametroa duten arrabolak dituzte.
Since the rollers can very easily roll, the chain is ideal for working within the floor although the rollers receive the reside load.
F-roller Conveyor Chains have rollers with all the identical outer diameter as that of R-roller but with flanges.
Since the flanges can obtain the force acting around the lateral sides from the chain, the chain is suitable for acquiring the two a live load plus a lateral load.
M-roller Conveyor Chains have rollers with an outer diameter somewhat smaller than the width of plates.
An M roller is developed for smoother engagement with the erroiak. Because the chain is light in fat, it can be appropriate for vertical conveyance.
S-roller Conveyor Chains have rollers with an outer diameter smaller than that on the M-roller.
The chain is suitable for vertical conveyance where rollers are much less prone to be jantzita.
5.BR- eta BF- Arrabolak (errodamendu integratuekin)
BR- and BF- Roller Conveyor Chains have mainly identical framework to R-roller and F Conveyor Chains, respectively, except for that bearings inside for smoother rotation.
6.UR- and UF- Rollers (substantial clearance in between bushing and roller)
UR- and UF- Roller Conveyor Chains have primarily identical structure to R-roller and F Conveyor Chains, respectively. On the other hand, the clearances between the outer diameter of bushings along with the inner diameter of the rollers are enlarged to prevent the rollers from fixing when foreign issues enter.