900 SERIES PINTLE CHAINS, sometimes known as “sugar mill” or “intermediate carrier chain” can be used extensively in sugar mills. Multiple strands of 900 Pintle Chain, available with a couple of holes per link, could be installed with overlapping beaded carrier slats to form a continuing apron conveyor for intermediate carrier services.
The pin holes at the closed end of the 900 Class link are given with smooth bushings which are press-fitted in to the links and keyed into place. The bushings are renewable and can be powered out and replaced if they become worn. 900 Class Pintle Chain is designed with dual barrels, one on each side of the open up end of the links, to accommodate double sprockets. The objective of this driving technique is to eliminate the possibility of material build-up in the sprocket contact area, which frequently causes the chain to jump the sprocket. Large ribs rigidly reinforce these traveling barrels.
Our 900 Course chain links, with tensile strength from 22,500 to 32,500 pounds, can be found with large sliding areas to lessen chain wear and prolong chain life. Broad wearing areas and heavy cross sections team up to provide a substantial link which is made according to manufacturer’s requirements and may perfectly replace links created by other manufacturers.
Brutaloy sprockets for 900 Class Pintle Chain are readily available in 3.170 inches. 900 Class Pintle Chain should only be allowed to travel in one direction; links should always run in direction of their shut narrow end.
Available in cottered construction only, 900 Class Chain is assembled with T-headed pins which are locked into place by two lugs cast on the ends of the traveling barrels to avoid pin rotation. Pin rotation during operation would result in wear on the inside of the bushing. Both the mind of the pin and the cottered end of the pin are protected by cast lugs on the barrel end of the links.
900 Class Pintle Chain are links cast of malleable iron or Promal (Duramal). It really is furnished with carbon metal heat Transmission Chain treated pins and carbon steel case hardened bushings as regular. However, stainless pins and bushings can be provided when specified.